We are committed to making sure patients in the western Mass. region get the best possible health care—informed care made possible by the PVIX health information exchange.



What does PVIX do?”

The PVIX health information exchange allows your doctors (who are PVIX members) to have a single, complete view of your health history, including prescriptions, allergies, and lab and radiology results. With PVIX, any doctor you see—whether it’s your primary care physician, a specialist, or an emergency room doctor—will have the same information about your health available to them so they can make the best decisions about your care.

For example, let’s say you’re out to dinner in a part of western Mass. that’s far from your usual doctor or hospital. You have an allergic reaction, are rushed to the nearest emergency department, and are unable to communicate to the doctors there about your allergies or current medications. If you’re part of PVIX and the health care organization is too, than the doctors can simply use PVIX and see your allergies and medications to make informed decisions about how to care for you.