Why PVIX is Important

PVIX represents the first time in my memory that all of the major medical groups and hospitals have come together to implement a technology which will truly transform the quality of care we provide to patients.

PVIX will significantly improve the quality of care in our region, reduce unnecessary testing and ultimately save lives.
Richard Shuman, MD
Medical Director
As a practicing Internist in the Springfield area for the last 22 years, few issues have been more frustrating than the segregation of clinical data into Mercy, Baystate, and Clinic records.  PVIX holds the promise of having the most up-to-date and relevant data at your fingertips wherever the patient happens to be.  It’s been the Holy Grail of community healthcare, and it will help us all provide safer, cheaper, and higher quality care to our patients.
Paul H. Oppenheimer MD, FHM
Chief Medical Information Officer Hospitalist
Our Health Information Exchange (PVIX) is a patient centered information system that allows a provider performing services for that specific patient to have access to the entire medical data for that patient across all points of care.
Stephen Sweet, MD
We are enthusiastic to connect our local Health Information Exchange in the Berkshires with PVIX and believe strongly that this will improve the quality of care we are able to provide to patients in Western Massachusetts. So many of our very sick patients are sent to Baystate and we want to be sure that the important clinical information necessary for superior care is available to their Doctors and other Clinicians.

Once the patients are better they come back to us in the Berkshires and it is equally important that the information on the care they received in the Pioneer Valley is sent back to us for their continued care.

PVIX and the work we are doing to connect with PVIX will greatly facilitate these very important transitions of care.
William A. Young
Chief Information Officer
Valley Medical Associates is a small, physician-owned practice that provides primary care services for adults and children in Springfield, Massachusetts. Unfortunately, our providers and staff now spend a significant amount of time each day looking for and retrieving clinical information to assist with patient care, including laboratory and imaging results, consultation notes, emergency department reports, and discharge summaries from hospitalizations. Delays in accessing these data often lead to duplication of services or challenges with providing timely assessment of patients’ complaints. We are excited about the possibility that a robust system for Health Information Exchange in our community will improve not only the efficiency of our office operations, but also the quality and competence of the primary care services we deliver.
Paul J. Helmuth, MD
It is not a surprise that health systems that approach the ‘The Triple Aim’ have in common integrated Information Systems. The seamless ability to see patient information across providers In The Valley, will be a tremendous step in that direction. PVIX has the potential to transform patient care into a more patient centered efficient experience. Given the current ‘Tower of Babel’ this can be truly transformational
Howard G. Trietsch, MD, FACOG
Managing Partner
VMG’s efforts to fully coordinate and integrate patient care can only succeed if we have all relevant information available to us while working with our patients. PVIX assures that we have access to this vital information.
Joel Feinman, PhD