The governance team works to ensure that PVIX continuously meets its goal—to improve health care by providing access to the important health information patients and doctors need when they need it.



The PVIX governance team is made up of an Advisory Council and the PVIX Board of Directors. The Advisory Council—represented by our member organizations—provides input and recommendations to the PVIX Board of Directors on services and strategies to ensure that PVIX continuously fulfills its focus of improving patient care in the community.



The Advisory Council includes the PVIX community of members—a collaborative group of hospitals, healthcare providers, and medical practices across the region.


TEAM AND Board of Directors

Joel Vengco
Founder, CIO, Board Chair

Sarah Caplan
Senior Application Analyst

Kevin Donegan
Application Analyst

Dennis Chalke
CFO, Treasurer, Board Member

Phil Chesky
Project Manager

Nathaniel Grise Application Analyst

Kenneth Riley

Cathy Cmero
Application Analyst

Tamara Peterson
Senior Application Analyst