PVIX gives patients in western Mass. access to the best health care possible, by connecting their health record to doctors across the region. With a complete picture of your health information through PVIX, doctors can make life-saving decisions and provide you with the best care possible.


how pvix benefits you

How PVIX Benefits You

Your health information, when and where it's needed

PVIX allows your doctors (who are PVIX members) to have a single, complete view of your health history including prescriptions, allergies, lab and radiology results, and more. This is the "One Patient. One Record." design that means any doctor you see—whether primary care physician, specialist, or emergency room doctor—will have the same information about your health available to them so they can make the best decisions about your care.



Faster test results and avoid duplication

PVIX provides your doctors with fast access to results of lab and radiology tests. Without access to PVIX, your doctor would need to contact other care providers and request copies of your test results. Or, your doctor might suggest that tests be repeated simply because they didn’t know that you already had it done because the information is not available to them.


Informed decision-making can save lives

If your doctors have instant access to all of the important information about your health, they can make informed life-saving decisions much faster.

For example, let’s say you’re out to dinner in a part of western Mass. that’s far from your usual doctor or hospital. You have an allergic reaction, are rushed to the nearest emergency department, and are unable to communicate to the doctors there about your allergies or current medications. If you’re part of PVIX and the health care organization is too, than the doctors can simply use PVIX and see your allergies and medications to make informed decisions about how to care for you.



Less paperwork, saves time and is safer

With all of your health information available on PVIX, you won’t have to search for or physically carry paperwork containing your sensitive health information and repeatedly fill out the same forms.



you deserve the best health care possible

By choosing to connect your health record to PVIX, you're choosing to get the best health care available.

If your doctor or organization is not a PVIX member, simply fill out this form, and we'll encourage them to join so you can get the best health care possible.



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Soon, PVIX will offer patients the ability to control their health data by having complete access to view their entire health record online in one central patient portal. Patients will get a convenient and easy-to-use view of their comprehensive health information from every doctor they've visited



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Why is sharing your health record important?


Frequently Asked Questions for Patients


+ What is PVIX?

PVIX (Pioneer Valley Information Exchange) is a regional health information organization that seeks to improve the exchange of health information between patients, clinicians and healthcare organizations throughout the Pioneer Valley and Western Massachusetts. Caregivers have a view of their patient’s comprehensive medical record at the moment they need it, which enables better health care across the region.

+ What is a health information exchange (HIE)?

A Health Information Exchange (HIE) allows doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other health care providers to appropriately access and securely share a patient's vital medical information electronically—improving the speed, quality, safety and cost of patient care.

+ Why is health information exchange important?

It is an electronic way for providers to access a patient’s medical information without waiting for a phone call, fax, or paper records to be sent to their office. The Health Information Exchange (HIE) can give your care providers greater access to the information needed to diagnose your health problems earlier before they recommend treatment.

+ What health information is shared on PVIX?

PVIX contains information that can improve the speed and effectiveness of a patient’s care, including; demographics, problems, medications, lab results, allergies, immunizations, past hospital visits, clinical documents, and more.

+ Can I find out who has requested access to my health information?

Individuals have a right to receive an accounting of disclosures of their Protected Health Information (PHI) made by your practice to a person or organization outside of your practice.

+ Will I know if my health information was misused?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Breach Notification Rule requires doctors, hospitals, other health care providers, and health insurance companies to notify you of a "breach" if unsecured information about you is seen by someone who is not supposed to see it. This Federal law also requires health care providers and insurance companies to promptly notify the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services if there is any breach of unsecured protected health information and notify the media and public if the breach affects more than 500 people.

+ What if I don't want my providers to have access to my health information?

If a patient decides their information should not be shared with PVIX, the patient should contact their provider’s office to complete and sign the Consent Change Form to opt out. The form is then returned to the PVIX support team for processing. The form will be processed within two business days.

+ Is my health information available for anyone to see?

No, your medical information is kept private and secure and is viewable only by authorized healthcare providers. Patient information will be shared only within our network of Pioneer Valley facilities (including Baystate Health) and their credentialed providers, associated physicians, inpatient/outpatient, and laboratory facilities.

+ How is PVIX ensuring the security of my health information when it is being transferred or exchanged?

The HIPAA Privacy Rule establishes Federal protections for your health information by placing limits on how it may be used and shared. Not only do strict state and federal guidelines govern how information can be exchanged through the PVIX portal network, but PVIX takes measures to ensure your patient information remains private and secure. In addition to regulating and recording access via a unique login and password system, ongoing audits help ensure that your patient information is not being viewed by unauthorized individuals.

+ How does PVIX handle unauthorized requests for access to my health information?

The PVIX HIE will be available to Participating Organizations for use in accordance with the Participation Agreement, the Policies and Procedures, and Applicable Law. The Policies and Procedures provide assurance to each PVIX Participating Organization that all other PVIX Participating Organizations and PVIX itself will adhere to a common set of basic rules.

+ Are there any penalties for those who misuse or inappropriately disclose my information?

The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is able to impose civil penalties for organizations that fail to comply with the HIPAA Rules. The potential civil penalties are substantial. State Attorney Generals also may bring civil actions and obtain damages on behalf of state residents for violations of the HIPAA Rules.

+ Does PVIX share my health information with employers?

In general, your health information cannot be given to your employer, used or shared for things like sales calls or advertising, or used or shared for many other purposes unless you give your permission by signing an authorization form.

+ Can I request changes to my health record or other information included in the HIE?

Yes. You can ask your health care provider or your health plan to correct your health record by adding information to it to make it more accurate or complete. This is called the "right to amend."

+ Is some of my most sensitive health information provided extra protection?

At this time, some labs and clinical notes that have been flagged as confidential/sensitive patient information will not be viewable in PVIX. This includes restricted behavioral health and restricted genetics documents, and some HIV antibody test results.

+ How do I know if my provider is a participant in the PVIX HIE?

Currently PVIX participants include (in alphabetical order): Baystate Franklin Hospital, Baystate Mary Lane Outpatient Center, Baystate Medical Center, Baystate Medical Practices,Baystate Noble Hospital, Baystate Obstetrics & Gynecology Group, Baystate Radiology & Imaging, Baystate Reference Labs, Baystate Wing Hospital, Baystate Wing Hospital Lab, Behavioral Health Network, Buckley Greenfield Healthcare, Caring Health, Charlene Manor, Community Health Center Franklin County, Connecticut River Internists, Holyoke Pediatric Associates, Jefferson Radiology, Pediatric Service of Springfield, Poet Seat Health Care Center, Riverbend Medical Group, Springfield Medical Associates, Valley Medial Associates, and Valley Medical Group.