PVIX is a single "One Patient. One Record." source for providers across the region to access the critical patient data they need, at the moment they need it. Having a complete and accurate view of a patient's health record allows life-saving decisions to be made confidently and quickly.


PROVIDE better care with direct access to a complete view of patient data

IMPROVE care coordination and address gaps in care management

REDUCE health care costs

MANAGE and meet goals for population health

INCREASE efficiency

ELIMINATE unnecessary paperwork and workflows

IMPROVE quality of care and outcomes

IMPROVE patient safety by reducing errors

INCREASE patient satisfaction and provider experience

MANAGE risk and decrease cost to align with ACO goals

MONITOR patient movement and disease management

MEET Meaningful Use requirements

COLLABORATE with affiliate and external organizations 

ELIMINATE redundant or unnecessary testing

ENGAGE patients regarding their health information


Services & Technology

PVIX Clinical Portal

The PVIX Clinical Portal gives caregivers a view of the patient’s comprehensive medical record. Launched from your local EMR or from a web browser, the Provider Portal creates a patient centric view based on results collected for a patient from member practices.

Electronic lab orders and results exchange

The Lab Exchange enables providers to order lab tests electronically through their own EMR and route the order and results through PVIX. Participants in the Lab Exchange include the Baystate Reference Lab, which electronically connects to over 60 practices.

Radiology image exchange

The PVIX Image Exchange allows providers and patients to view their diagnostic-level radiology images by clicking a link from their portal view.



Cortext connects the care community by providing a platform that allows for timely, HIPAA-compliant messaging among members of a care team. Text messages and photos can be sent securely between providers.

E-referral application

PVIX eReferrals allows providers to request a referral for a patient and attach a clinical summary for the specialist to review.

Integration and support

PVIX offers a dynamic integration platform that allows for seamless connectivity and compatibility with any EMR. 


Frequently Asked Questions for Providers

+ What is PVIX?

PVIX (Pioneer Valley Information Exchange) is a regional health information (HIE) organization that seeks to improve the exchange of health information among clinicians and healthcare organizations throughout the Pioneer Valley. The PVIX Clinical Portal gives caregivers a view of their patient’s comprehensive medical record at the moment they need it.

+ What is a health information exchange (HIE)?

A health information exchange (HIE) allows doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other health care providers to appropriately access and securely share a patient's vital medical information electronically—improving the speed, quality, safety and cost of patient care.

+ What is the PVIX portal?

The PVIX Portal is an electronic way for providers to access patient medical information without waiting for a phone call, fax, or paper record to be sent to their office. The PVIX Portal is completely secure and confidential. It contains information that can improve the speed and effectiveness of a patient’s care, including; problems, medications, lab results, allergies, immunizations, past hospital visits, clinical documents, and more.

+ How is information shared/displayed within the portal?

Patient information is shared through an advanced and interoperable HIE platform. While the PVIX Portal is an independent application, it can also be launched from within any Clinical Information System (CIS). Patient data can be seen as a Continuity of Care Document (CCD) and/or a single electronic medical record (i.e. composite medical record containing information from multiple Electronic Health Records)

+ Who can access the PVIX portal?

Patient information is shared within our network of Pioneer Valley facilities and their credentialed providers, associate physicians, inpatient/outpatient, and laboratory facilities. PVIX will also participate within the state and federal health information exchange guidelines which allow other approved providers to gain access to the PVIX Portal.

+ How do I know my patient’s information is secure and protected?

Not only do strict state and federal guidelines govern how information can be exchanged through the PVIX portal network, but PVIX takes measures to ensure your patient’s information remains private and secure. In addition to regulating and recording access via a unique login and password system, ongoing audits will also help ensure that your patient’s information is not being viewed by unauthorized individuals.

+ What if a patient does not want their providers to have access to their health information?

If a patient decides their information should not be shared with PVIX, the patient should contact their provider’s office to complete and sign the Consent Change Form to opt out. The form is then returned to the PVIX support team for processing.

+ What types of clinical documents are contained in PVIX?

Discharge summaries, outpatient encounter notes, dictated notes, and some procedure notes are included. The type of note contained within PVIX is dependent on the practice and the ability of their EHR to send the note type.

+ Will I be able to view confidential/sensitive data within PVIX?

At this time, some labs and clinical notes that have been flagged as confidential/sensitive patient information will not be viewable in PVIX. This includes restricted behavioral health and restricted genetics documents and some HIV antibody test results.